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During such uncertain times we do our best to keep the economy up and running and we really appreciate it if you do the same or else our own actions will take more lives than the virus itself. Please do not be afraid to live. The rest of us needs your services some of which could be fatal - read about the starvation in India for example due to inadequate government measurements and mass panic. The situation at this point resembles a fire accident years ago where about 5 people died in the fire itself while hundreds smashed each other to death in the panick trying to exit the burning building. Sad but this is the reality we live in. Our government does not force us to stay locked at home, it RECOMMENDS IT - true, far from anything rational or logical because it will only take one member of the family who goes to the shop for example to attract Corona so the rest of the family attracts it too but lets not discuss this now.

In case your order address is on a distance =< (equal or less) than 2 miles from N28AX you will receive a fast Goliax delivery. Every other order will be posted with Royal Mail which will take longer to be delivered. You can simply check with Google Maps if the distance between you and the postcode provided here is in this range or not. We have placed a rough visualisation of the two miles radius on the picture below.